Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Extension and Training at the MCIA

A cane field prepared for mechanical harvest

The Extension and Training department of the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority (MCIA) is now operational since the enactment of the MCIA Act 2011. This is one of the major re-structure exercise undertaken by the government of Mauritius in the wake of the reforms of the Sugar Industry since early 2000's.

Extension and training function which was previously vested with the Farmers Service Corporation will be called upon to re-invent itself to offer even better services intented for its clientele which number about 23,000 throughout the island.


  1. Dear Yash,
    Its good to see you on this course. I think that the kinds of issues the FSC is dealing with as it integrates within the MCIA would be interesting to document and share. You may already know of the GFRAS ( which is the global forum for rural advisory services, which also has regional chapters like the AFAAS.
    It would be nice to be able to follow the series of phases that the FSC undergoes in time in a blog - it also gives you an opportunity to receive feedback from your stakeholders - and why not advice from counterparts elsewhere in the world... after all we are not the only ones to undergo reforms!
    I believe the 'training'component is also important - what is the objective of 'Training' what are the 'outcomes'you would like to achieve? I think that the institution could use some of the techniques of 'Theory of change'and outcome mapping (look up IDRC's website and their resources sections for publications on this matter) - as a way of determining how you interact with your audience... its no longer so much (or only) about a log frame with objectives, results and activities but in the planning process, you need to ask yourselves 'how do we interact with our core and boundary partners'; what are the linkages we can bring about that makes the sector more resilent to changes...
    Good luck in writing and sharing your story!

  2. Dear Kreshan,

    Many thanks for your comments. Indeed, I am very glad to be on this course. You are very much aware of the challenges facing the sugar industry in Mauritius specially the reforms currently taking place in the country and the plight of small sugar cane planters (I understand that you might be one of them!!).

    Indeed, there is a need for more sharing of information on activities of what is happening in this particular sector, especially from the small farmer view point. Given the characteristics of Mauritian sugar cane farmers who in my opinion tend to be unorganised as far as expressing their concerns,I intend to bring my humble contribution here.

    This is but the start of what I to become a journey in itself.

    I will try my best not to disappoint my blog readers and regularly keep updated.